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  1. Tourism

    Walsh & Monaghan conducts a range of valuation services for large tourism properties includin[...]

  2. Residential

    Our valuers can provide independent market valuations on your family home or residential investme[...]

  3. Commercial

    We offer extensive valuation services for commercial and industrial property assets for a range o[...]

  4. Rural

    Walsh & Monaghan has many years’ experience in valuing rural property and primary produ[...]

  5. Childcare

    Our valuers provide independent market valuations and rental assessments for public and private c[...]

  6. Retail

    We offer extensive valuation services for retail property assets for a range of purposes includin[...]


  1. Sales / Purchase Negociations

    Walsh & Monaghan Valuers can provide an independent valuation of a property or business&rsquo[...]

  2. Estate

    Our Valuers offer professional and timely estate valuations in line with executor’s request[...]

  3. Superannuation

    Walsh & Monaghan is experienced in valuing investment class assets and property investments h[...]

  4. Asset Reporting

    Walsh and Monaghan Valuers are experienced in asset valuation services to corporate and instituti[...]

  5. Capital Gains Tax

    Our valuers have extensive knowledge and experience in providing current and retrospective capita[...]

  6. Aquisition / Compensation

    Our Valuers have specialist experience in providing independent valuations for compulsory acquisi[...]

  7. Finance

    Our Valuers are engaged by several major banks and secondary lending institutions for market valu[...]

  8. Stamp Duty

    Our Valuers are experienced in valuing all classes of property for assessing stamp duty liability[...]

  9. Family law / Dispute resolution

    We provide complete family law, settlement valuation services, including estate valuations and ex[...]

  10. Rating and Taxation

    Walsh & Monaghan is very experienced in providing statutory valuations of land for residentia[...]

  11. Going Concern

    Walsh & Monaghan are experienced in providing “going concern” assessments for chi[...]

  12. Expert Witness

    Several senior Valuers at Walsh & Monaghan have experience in providing expert testimonies fo[...]

Walsh & Monaghan Valuers are experienced at delivering independent and timely valuations on a range of property classes, from private residences through to multi-level commercial properties and development sites.

We provide professional valuations for many classes of property including those listed below. For more information, or to discuss your individual valuation needs, please contact us.